Off-road Tours

Vietnam Off-road Motorcycle Tours

Adventure riders worldwide are looking for the best experiences possible and we have worked hard to provide top-of-the line, bucket list trips involving two wheels and four wheels in Vietnam, so everyone who travels with us can be happy and way beyond satisfied.

Vietnam Riders have Off-road Motorcycle Tours and routes to suit all riders’ skill levels.

We are totally flexible so that whether you are a road rider who wants to experiment, or a competitive trials, enduro or motocross rider, we can give you the ultimate dirtbike adventure. We provide fully supported and all inclusive enduro dirtbike tours; including the Central Highlands and its deepest jungles, the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail, or the Northern mountain paths. Please visit our off-road tours page to learn more about it.

If you’re an adventurous rider searching for unique Off-road Motorcycle Tours in Vietnam, you’re at the right spot! Our selection of tours combine on-road and off-road riding, take you to the most scenic spots unreachable by standard paved tours and deliver a great dose of adventure through activities like rafting, canoeing, camping, etc.

We use Honda XR and CRF dual-sport/enduro motorcycles. We won’t be jumping around on a motocross racetrack, nor do ‘crazy’ single tracks through the rocky mountains, but we will for sure get away from asphalt, and a lot. These bikes are very capable both on-road and off-road, allowing us to explore many hidden spots usually unreachable with standard road bikes. That’s the whole ‘off-road‘ idea. Enjoy the adventures and the nature!

We organize these tours for individuals and small groups to be be flexible so that our customers can enjoy the adventure as much as possible. We’d like to maintain a good ‘moving average’, so certain riding skills are required. You need to be at least an experienced road-rider with good knowledge of how to handle hairpins, fast/slow corners and general bike handling (manoeuvring on spot etc.). Even if you don’t have any gravel/off-road riding skills, those on-road skills will help you quickly ‘conquer’ basic off-road skills and get you going along the route.

Our experienced and professional tour guides will certainly be able to point out some tips and tricks that will help your bike handling. For any additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’re looking forward to riding with you one day soon!