Ho Chi Minh Trail Tours

Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorcycle Tours

The Ho Chi Minh Road is a cross-country strip of pavement that connects the South of Vietnam to the North. This road was once created by the leader, Ho Chi Minh, who was also credited for joining the South and North of Vietnam as a united country. On this magnificent route with mountains and jungles throughout the country, you’ll find some of the most pristine motorcycle ridings.

The roads official beginning start just east of the tri-country divide with Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, in the town of Ngoc Hoi. It’s about 600kms or so north of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). From here the road stretches its way along the meandering back of Laos, and all the way up to Hoa Lac, near Hanoi.

The Ho Chi Minh Road is based on the “Ho Chi Minh Trails” which is a maze of secret trails that are also found in Laos. The Viet Cong used the Ho Chi Minh Trails to transport goods down to the South during the Vietnam War.

Vietnam Riders have carefully designed the motorcycle tours that allow you to ride the most scenic parts of Ho Chi Minh Trails. Experience the daily life of friendly locals as well as their unique cultures, and step back to learn about Vietnamese history and the war…