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Vietnam Riders have carefully planned and created all the Motorcycle Tours in Vietnam in order to provide you with the best possible riding experience and adventure. Witness spectacular landscapes from behind the handlebars of your motorcycle, and get to know the real Vietnam and its authentic people.

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Vietnam Riders is Vietnam’s leading provider of premium Motorcycle Adventure Tours designed for intrepid travelers to discover ‘off the beaten path’ tours into the remote and rarely explored regions of Vietnam.

Our Motorcycle Tours will bring you on a complete circuit of Vietnam, hugging the coastline and visiting many places of magnificent beauty and breathtaking scenery, which most tourists never get to see. These outstanding motorcycle tours have been made possible as a result of only using local, professional, and licensed tour guides in Vietnam who have vast experience and a wealth of local knowledge.

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  • 28 Nov, 2020

How to Plan a Motorbiking Holiday in Vietnam

Riding a motorbike through Vietnam is the best way to get to know the nation. Exploring cities, towns and villages will give you a basic understanding of the culture, but riding between them will make you feel part of it all. It’s a unique experience and with a little planning and not much money, it […]

  • 28 Nov, 2020

What to Pack for a Motorbike Trip in Vietnam

Riding a motorbike through Vietnam is intoxicating. There’s a palpable sense of liberation—no longer are you confined to tourist hot spots or backpacker districts. To get the most out of any trip, routes need to be researched, weather patterns should be understood and most importantly, with limited space on a bike, packing needs to be […]

  • 28 Nov, 2020

How to Drive a Motorbike in Vietnam

To the untrained eye, Vietnam’s traffic is absolute chaos. Nobody obeys any laws, the roads are overcrowded, and Vietnamese drivers often seem completely oblivious to everything around them. And yet, there’s a beauty to the madness. It flows naturally, like blood pulsing through a body with paved veins. This guide will help you to make […]


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