Vietnam Riders are a group of adventure riders that like sharing our passion for riding and touring with others. With a wealth of experience, our team is experienced motorcycle adventure riders in Vietnam tours. Vietnam Riders was created to provide the highest quality motorcycle experiences in a safe sustainable model. All our team cares about providing you with a lifetime experience before, during, and after your adventure tour.
We provide a wide selection of motorcycles to meet the demands of every rider. Before each tour, we make sure that our professional mechanics thoroughly inspect, maintain, and repair the motorcycles to guarantee that they are in safe, comfortable, and reliable condition.
We never outsource our motorcycle tours to other firms. All of our tours are led by our own team of experienced and licensed tour guides. This feature sets us apart from other motorcycle trip providers in Vietnam and is a key element of our business model!

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We Organize Tours From All Over Vietnam

Vietnam Riders is based in the beautiful city of the Central Highlands of Vietnam, Dalat. However, our tour guides are from all over the country to ensure that you can enjoy the convenience, service and security afforded by a stable, professionally managed company, staffed with carefully selected personnel fully versed in all the regions we serve.

Vietnam is world famous as a motorcycle paradise! We are home to spectacular mountain vistas, majestic waterfalls, stunning National Parks, many interesting small towns, tourist attractions and 54 different ethnic minority groups including the uniquely colorful cultures of the hill tribes.

Vietnam Riders Motorcycle Tours
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Get Off The Beaten Track

We don’t settle for the normal tourist trails, instead riding off the beaten path to see the real Vietnamese countryside in all it’s glory. You will see the parts of Vietnam that are simply not possible by the ‘open tour bus’, or on the usual tourist trips. Learn about the culture and history of this magical and diverse country from authentic, local people.

Experience with us some of the most spectacular motorcycle routes in Vietnam. We have carefully planned and selected our Motorcycle Tours in Vietnam in order to provide you with the best possible riding experience, together with cultural sights, beautiful natural scenery, tasty local specialties and the highest quality of accommodation in the region.

Meet Our Team

Ace Nguyen

Tour Guide & Designer

FromDalat, Vietnam

Toan Lee

Tour Guide & Designer

FromHue, Vietnam

Terry Nguyen

Tour Guide & Designer

FromDalat, Vietnam

Sunny Do

Tour Guide & Designer

FromDalat, Vietnam

Chinh Nguyen

Tour Guide & Designer

FromHoi An, Vietnam

Bruno Linh

Tour Guide & Designer

FromSaigon, Vietnam

Kun Nguyen

Tour Guide & Designer

FromSapa, Vietnam

Jack Huynh

Tour Guide & Designer

FromNha Trang, Vietnam

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